K-12 Daily Planner

built by teachers, for teachers.

K-12 Daily Planner

built by teachers, for teachers.

Enabling Collaboration

between teachers, students, parents, schools and districts.

Plan Your Week

View Your Week

Manage Your District

Follow Your Student

The Simplest Way To Planner

Teachers can create a classroom planner. Easily post new assignments, move to a new date, or copy from previous years. Control when worksheets, answer keys or other attachments are visible. Follow other teachers to get new ideas for classroom assignments or to help measure and keep pace with other departments or districts.

The Simplest Way To Share

Students get access to assignments and weekly schedules anywhere. No longer worry about what was missed while out sick, on vacation, or at an event. View all your class schedules in detail or at a glance. View upcoming assignments and a full calendar view to better prepare your time scheduling.

Parents can help their student learn real life organizational and time management skills. Follow your student(s) and help them keep track of what is coming up, what they possibly missed, and keep track of completed assignments. Receive alerts when new assignments are posted. Easily toggle between students.

The Simplest Way To Teach

+ 100% cloud based, setup in hours, not days or months.

+ Tools you need, not bloated with stuff you don’t.

+ Won’t burden or increase teacher workload.

+ Compatible with Google Classroom and existing LMS systems.

#1 Distance eLearning

Organize Video Meetings

Using Zoom or Google Meet, EDUcal allows teachers to collaborate real time with students. In one click you can schedule virtual classroom meeting plus authentication and alerts for a virtual meeting during office hours.


Teachers can mark assignments as Due Dates, Quiz Dates, Test Dates, or Other Important Dates. This triggers a reminder to be sent to the parents and students reminding them of the importance and due date.

District Admin

Administrators can manage their users, monitor teacher’s planners, see district level analytics, and message their users all from one interface. Admin can also sync their google calendars so that teachers can plan their day around current events

Easy Management

If school is cancelled, teachers can easily reorganize their plans with a simple click of a button. View plans from previous years or other teachers to keep your curriculum on track.

Substitute Teachers

Teachers can give access to their substitute teacher temporarily by creating a login for them quickly. This allows the substitute to manage the planner themselves and captures any modifications for the teacher to review.

Document Storage

Use EduCal’s document storage to organize all your documents from year to year. Get reports on what days you have used documents and how often they are downloaded.


See at a glance how many tests, quizzes, or due dates fall on a particular date. View missed homework assignments or how many assignments are remaining, all at your fingertips.


Complete contact management for districts, schools, and teachers. Simple ladder-structure to view all levels of the organization your login has access to view.